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  • When should I have my trial?
    We recommend having your trial at least a month or two before your wedding date. In our experience, brides who opt for trials earlier than two months before their wedding often get overwhelmed by different ideas. This can result in confusion when selecting a final makeup look for the big day. We also suggest having a trial on the day of your dress fitting so you can see the look altogether. This helps show the cohesive look. Please chat with your artist when booking if you are on a specific timeline for your trial date. Please see Bridal Handbook & Booking Guidelines
  • How long is a bridal trial?
    Hair and makeup trials last on average two hours. This is to ensure all your queries and concerns are answered before your big day. Please feel free to bring any and all of your beauty concerns to the trial! PLEASE NOTE: This is an estimate and may change based on the complexity of the looks and nature of the clients hair.
  • What do I need to bring with me to the trial?
    Please bring any reference photos you have for your hair & makeup as well as for your bridal party. This will help your artists have an understanding of what your bridal party's overall look and feel is. Please bring any hair accessories you may want to include on your wedding day, as well as the veil. Some brides also opt to bring the jewelry they will be wearing to help see the full look. Please see Bridal Handbook & Booking Guidelines
  • How do I prepare my skin and hair for the trial?
    Please arrive with clean, moisturized skin for your trial. Follow your normal skin routine, as this will yield the most accurate results. Please arrive with at least one-day old dirty hair. As stunning as clean hair is, softer hair does not hold the style. We will be able to gauge how dirty we need the hair to be at the trial. Please also arrive with your natural hair, unless you plan to straighten/curl your hair before the booking on the wedding day as well. Please see Bridal Handbook & Booking Guidelines
  • What qualifications do you have?
    All Makeup Matters artists have obtained a certificate or relevant qualification in makeup & hair artistry from a reputable institution. The lead artist and founder of Makeup Matters has a certificate in hair and makeup from Makeup The College as well as a film degree, majoring in makeup from AFDA
  • How long does a booking take?
    The duration of a booking is dependent on a variety of factors, such as the proposed looks, the skin type, hair texture etc. For makeup only we estimate an average of forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on the nature of the look. For hair and makeup bookings we estimate an average of one and a half to two hours, depending on the nature of the look. These are just estimates. Please let your artist know beforehand if you are on a tight schedule.
  • What products do you use?
    At Makeup Matters, we pride ourselves in using the best quality makeup available. We are also proudly 100% Cruelty Free, meaning none of the products used in our kit are tested on animals. Some of the brands we use are, Kryolan, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Inglot, Tarte and Ofra Cosmetics. Please let our artists know if you have an allergens that may impact product choice.
  • How do we secure a booking date?
    When you receive a quote from Makeup Matters, there will be a booking fee of 50%. This fee secures your provisional booking The remainder of the booking fee is required 14 days before your booking date for general bookings, and 60 days before for weddings. You will also receive a confirmation document from Makeup Matters outlining the details of your booking. Please see our T's & C's.
  • How does the travel fee work?
    Our travel fee is charged in accordance with the AA Rate per km. The Makeup Matters team is fully mobile and can travel to your location if required. Venues beyond a 250km return radius will require accommodation for the night before the booking. Please inform us of any dirt roads or obstacles that may prevent us from accessing the wedding venue through Google Maps. In the event that the venue is not accessible with a normal vehicle Makeup Matters will reserve the right to request transport from an agreed-upon point to the bookings location.
  • How does payment work?
    As mentioned your 50% deposit will act as a booking fee. The remainder will be paid before your booking via EFT. After each payment we will send through proof of payments for your own record. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash on the day, unless it is a last minute service added.
  • Can I cancel my booking?
    We understand that life happens. We have a cancellation policy that offers refunds on a sliding scale depending on when you need to cancel your booking. Please see our cancellation policy in our Ts & Cs.
  • Can my friend watch my booking?
    Of course! We do however limit the number of people allowed in the immediate makeup area for sanitary and safety reasons. Please enquire with your makeup artist beforehand about additional guests during your booking.
  • What does the Makeup Matters team need on the day?
    Our team requires an area that has a table and preferably lots of natural light. High chairs are preferred, however we understand not all venues can accommodate this request, so just seating for the individuals who are getting their hair and makeup done. Our team does carry a ring light in the event that natural light isn’t available. We also request that plug points be available for hairstyling.
  • How should I prepare my skin and hair for the wedding day?
    Please ensure the entire bridal party arrives with clean and moisturized skin. Ensure everyone follows their normal skin routine Avoid trying any new skincare regimes or treatments the week of the wedding as this may cause skin irritation or reactions. Have the bridal party arrive with day old dirty hair. As stunning as clean hair is, softer hair does not hold the style.
  • Are touch-ups included for the entire bridal party?
    Yes! At the end of the booking our team will block off a minimum of 30 minutes for all hair and makeup touch-ups before you and your bridal party walk down the isle! Our fee is also inclusive of a bridal touch-up kit that you can carry with you throughout your wedding. We can add touch-up kits for the bridal party at a proportionate fee.
  • Can the bridal party add additional services on the day?
    Yes! We understand that sometimes there is a member of the family or bridal party that may require services. We will try and accommodate them after all the existing services have been completed. All services will need to be paid for on the day in cash or via an immediate EFT.
  • When will I recieve my wedding timeline?
    Makeup Matters tries to send you the timeline as soon as we possibly can. We typically will send a proposed timeline out with the confirmation documents sent after payment. We do however understand that timelines do change based on photographers and weather. Please just keep in contact with us about any changes to your timeline!
  • How long will the Makeup Matters team need on the day?
    The amount of time our team will need is dependent on the amount of services as well as the intricacy of the looks. As mentioned we work on an average of forty-five minutes for makeup and one and a half hours for hair & makeup. For larger parties please be prepared to have an earlier start time. You will be sent a timing sheet before your booking that will lay out the proposed service times. Please let your artist know if there will be any changes in the venue during the makeup so we can factor this in to our time sheets.
  • Do you send multiple artists on the day?
    Makeup Matters does have multiple artists that are available for bookings should the booking require additional artists In the event that there is a larger bridal party, Makeup Matters will assign two or more artists if required. The number of artists assigned to a booking is determined by the number of services and ceremony time. If you have an early ceremony time please inform us at the quoting stage so we can include an additional artist if required.
  • Do I pay extra for a second artist?
    You will be charged a small admin fee that covers the cost of the artists admin as well as any travel costs to the lead artist Makeup Matters will always try and ensure the artists are able to travel together to alleviate the travel expenses, however in the instance that one artist has additional services, or carpooling is illogical, travel fees may incur. This would be communicated to you.
  • Can I change the number of my services?
    • Our team will try an accommodate any additional services on the day once all previously booked services have been completed. • You can remove services on the day, however you will not be refunded for these services after the deposit has been made. This is to protect the Makeup Matters artists. Please see our Ts & Cs
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